Kewik is a Croatian brand led by biology and chemistry teacher Ivana Lozić. Her jewelry is inspired by nature, where she often ventures. The inspiration for the name itself – Kewik, also comes from nature and it represents the Tawny Owl call (Strix Aluco).

These products are made with natural materials, either grown by Ivana or carefully picked from nature, with utter respect for the environment. Once “trapped” in crystal resin this material stays there forever, representing a moment of inspiration frozen in time. As the nature changes with the seasons, so does her jewelry. Constantly changing colors and themes make Kewik special.

We are first in Croatia to offer a jewelry collection combining both crystal resin, and wooden shapes which stem from hand-drawn designs. A kind of trademark in this collection are birdies made of fir, based on Ivana’s drawing from 2016. It is also the year the very idea of fusing natural science and art was born.

This perfect blend of profession, love for nature and creativity results in unique jewelry, aiming to draw attention to the world of nature within the urban frame.